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About Us

Established in 1999, is the first voice “squawk box” network for real time interactive financial news event analysis, broadcasted live 24hrs-a-day for the Global Markets. Live streams include...

Real-time unbiased analysis on what is going on that will affect certain individual stocks, groups of stocks, forex majors, or the entire market.
Forward economic calendars are unmatched for comprehensiveness and include upcoming earnings, conference calls, analyst meetings, economic numbers, industry conferences, IPO’s, lock-up expiration events, and geopolitical events.
An extensive database spanning over a decade covering every person, place, and thing, what they said, did, stated, or inferred. This database allows us to provide members immediate and actionable fact analysis faster and more consistantly than any other service. analysts focus on alerting the active trader to what is going up/down right now AND preparing the active trader for very specific upcoming events over the next few minutes, hours, or days. Broadcasters and editors do not make opinions or have any bias or association with a third party. Our only interest is in members long-term investing success. is a membership community designed for active traders or market professionals and is meant for experienced and active traders only.

Our Vision: To continue to expand the premier interactive membership club for high end professional traders and business executives who follow active investment philosophies

What we cover:
Global equities, Forex majors, Energy SP500 futures, and fixed income.

Why you can trust us.
Our members have a profound sense of trust in our capabilities which is re-earned each and every day. We do not miss events, re-run old or inaccurate news events as new, or have an A team and a C team. We are always on it 24hours a day.

You will not see us quoted, making video appearances, or otherwise wasting time which results in taking any eye off the ball. Our elite team understands that we work exclusively without conflict, quota, or bias for only our members.

Our training is ongoing, open, and continuously fine tuned by our members via a fully interactive real time platform.

We invest heavily in R&D and our global network to obtain 99.98% uptime.

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