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Reporting Policy is Conflict Free

Trading & news desk affiliation is a conflict of interest. We have concluded that 80% of news sources the financial world has to choose from - have this kind of conflict. Some are conflicted by being in close proximity to traders, while others have the same management team, but most importantly among these news sources cited, all have unregulated & unsupervised communication between the firm's brokerage and the news desk. That gives new meaning to the phrase "for traders by traders".

When comparing audio news options, professional traders will find that Trade The News is the only news source that is completely unbiased, independent and conflict-free. We have no brokerage affiliation, funding or soft dollars - which guarantees that our clients are the 1st to get the news.

Trade The News: Your real-time independent financial news analysts. Fast, reliable, unbiased and broadcasted by analysts and CFAs for professional traders. Conflict-free guaranteed.

Trading Policy

TTN's primary policy is that the client comes first - always. Employees are not permitted to own any individual stocks or hold any positions in futures. This allows TTN Operations Ireland Limited to be fully unbiased in their news reporting. The employer of TTN Operations Ireland Limited will do periodic checks to verify employee investing. Employees are permitted to invest in mutual funds individually and qualified retirement accounts.

Rumor Policy handles each rumor on a case-by-case basis. If the our analyst team is skeptical they will report movement in the respective stock and mention that that rumor may be influencing the movement. TTN Operations Ireland Limited will call the company, use industry sources and contacts to attempt to refute, verify, or find out more information to bring you the most accurate and timely analysis

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