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Live real-time financial news analysis broadcasted directly through your pc speakers or turret. 24hours-a-day.
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Credit/FOREX/Futures Audio Package
Service and Platform Features
Credit/FX/Futures Macro Audio News Channel
Live broadcasts covering global news and events for bond, treasury, fixed income, FOREX & macro traders.
View Text Headlines
Audio news alerts are coupled with a text platform where written headlines and analysis appear few moments thereafter.
Fully Interactive Platform
Live access to TradeTheNews’ global cross asset analyst team.
Economic &
Event Calendar

Highlighting upcoming data times, estimates, supply, speakers and events.
Create Portfolios
Users can create portfolios with multiple delivery and viewing options - including keyword and headline color-coding.
Email Portfolio Alerts
Receive portfolio headlines delivered to an inbox or blackberry.
Scan Multiple
Watch Windows

Create dedicated viewing windows for portfolios and key words.
For professional FOREX, Credit, Fixed Income, Futures and Macro Traders
Credit/FX/Futures audio package covers worldwide breaking news and instant analysis 24-hours-a-day for currency, bond, treasury, fixed income, futures and FOREX traders. The Credit/FX/Futures squawk, similar to an air traffic controller in your ear, broadcasts economic numbers, interest rate, bond, commodity futures markets, central banker speak, energy news, terrorism, geopolitical developments and natural disasters in real time. news channels alert professional traders to unexpected breaking news as well as follow-up on developing news stories or trend and analysis.’s analyst team are recognized as the fastest sources for international market news and analysis for Americas, Europe and Asia. A sophisticated database of world events, economic analysis and street contacts sets apart from other services by enabling staff analysts to check, compare and voice facts, analysis and trends immediately. This in turn provides customers with unmatched speedy insight, often enabling them to identify larger market trends well before other professionals. monitors over 350 sources and indicators including U.S., European, Australian and Asian economic data, corporate news releases from domestic and international companies, energy supply numbers, federal regulatory reports [e.g., FDA, FTC, Courts]; OPEC, OMF and Foreign Central Bank news, IPO and merger announcements, and other sources including an extensive field reporter network and live video feeds from around the world.
Credit, FOREX, Futures and
Fixed Income Broadcasts Include
FX Flows
Desk chatter
Economic Announcement
Central Banker Speeches
(BoJ, PBOC, CBA, BoC, BOE, BOF, Bundesbank, BOI)
Global Debt Auction
Refunding Results
EU Policy Announcements
Geopolitical Developments
Government Actions
International Issues
Notable Analyst Research
Global Newspapers
Key Technical Levels
Market Rumors
Market Updates
Option Barriers
Global Newspapers
Non-Financial Events
Treasury Auctions and Announcements
Energy News Commodities
Emerging Markets
Twitter and Social Media Feeds
Why Choose
Experience: Providing unmatched speed and accuracy for the international financial markets since 1998.
Depth of Coverage: Professional analysts broadcasting 24hrs for the American, European and Asian markets.
Diverse Platform Offerings: Audio, text headlines, calendars and ability to ask questions to analysts live through platform.
Unbiased: Completely independent - Unlike other services, is not backed by any trading firm.
Confidence: Extensive 10+ year proprietary databases that allow analysts to back check news instantly to prevent errors.
Exclusive: Extensive application process ensures the best of breed.
“Great job today, team! Because of a TTN call in front of new highs earlier I made my week. I am going to enjoy the sunshine and hit a few golf balls.” - Mark, USA
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