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Hear’s real-time futures squawk box direct from the trading floor of the S&P 500.
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S&P 500 Open-Out-Cry Squawk Box
Hear and Feel the Markets as Futures Analysts broadcasts first-rate, objective and live audio coverage directly from the trading floor of the S&P 500. By listening to our S&P500’s large contract trading coverage from the sidelines, you’ll be able to hear and feel the markets; subscribers can even listen to the out-cry squawk and news channel at the same time!
Our Squawk guarantees you’ll feel the “texture” of the market and trends as they develop. You’ll hear the pit’s actual acoustics and be able to react quickly and confidently to daily events as our expert broadcasters provide listeners with valuable insight. Over time you will be able to feel when the broad market moves are genuine.
Live Broadcasts From the Trading Pit
TTN Futures looks into the pit and instantly reports the Bid/Offer, size, players, local positions, trading volume/ momentum, market objectives, index arbitrage activity etc., to help our customers make better informed and more confident trading decisions.
Our Real-time futures squawk answers the 6 questions a trader asks when they consider a trade opportunity:
1. What is the bid/offer?
2. Is the market still bullish or bearish?
3. Who is moving the market?
4. What are “they” trading off right now?
5. Where is the next key support-resistance “level”?
6. What are the professionals doing?
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Key Phrases
Bearish “100 offered at 7 half.” This means contracts are offered for sale at, say, 1427.50. [Usually a Limit Order]
Bullish “XYZ on the Bid, XYZ 100 times on the Bid” or “ABC joins XYZ on the Bid”: this means there are buyers who want to buy on the Bid [Usually a Limit Order]
Sample Quotes
Prices are quoted to the exact dollar and tenth (dime) of a dollar and when trading is at the same dollar level for a while, quotes are given in tenth of a dollar intervals:
“Five Half” could equal 1445.50 or
perhaps 1365.50, etc.
“Five Half at (or by) Six Even” could be 1365.50 (bid) at 1366.00 (ask)
“Sixty Bid” could be 1365.60
“Seventy Bid” could be 1365.70
The quoter is reading hand signals (the “arb”) in the pit to get the bid and ask. To stay ahead of the quotes, the broadcaster cannot say “fourteen forty five fifty” each time a price is quoted. This would slow him down and put him behind the market quotes. He stays ahead of the data by quoting the bid/ask in dollars and tenths as noted above.
Sell orders are worded quantity at price. Example: 50 at 500
Buy orders are worded price on quantity. Example: 450 on 50
S&P 500 Out-Cry Broadcast Guide (EST)
Every 15 Minutes “The bracket” we recap paper buying and selling activity with estimated number of net contracts bought or sold short since the last bracket.

:28 and :58 After the Hour “Traffic Report” – Trading floor pit population attendance (% terms).

9:20am Opening call Fair Value (Buy, Sell), overnight recap, what traders are watching today and what you should watch, upcoming economic numbers and estimates, “Play of the Day” from yesterday.

9:28am At your stations

9:32-9:35am Opening range 1ST 30 SEC. (Write this down). If the markets trades through or holds it, this is significant. We call it the “Daily Pivot” and you may hear itduring the day. It is important to note if we trade throughthe opening range during the day.
12-2:00pm New York lunch trade. Volume dries up + market can be very choppy on range days.
2:30pm Crude futures close
3:00pm Treasury and Corporate Bond close - (If the market is trading with the bonds this is the time the markets can run free off a “leash”).
3:40pm Order Imbalances update (We tell you Buy/Sell/Mixed Bias).
4:00pm Cash market closes
4:15pm Futures close
4:17pm Closing range Recap of the closing trade
and the “Play of the day”.
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Something to Squawk About
Live S&P500 coverage broadcasted directly
from the trading pit in Chicago, IL USA.