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Live real-time equity news analysis broadcasted directly through your pc speakers or turret. 24hours-a-day.
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Global Equity Audio Package

Broadcasting live breaking stock market news and analysis 24hrs a day for Americas, Europe and Asia. covers a large range of financial and business news - specifically calling attention to items that traders should be alerted to and aware of instantly.
From market moving economic releases and earnings announcements to program trades, street rumors, terrorism and natural disasters,’s analyst teams are recognized as the fastest source for international market intelligence 24-hours-a-day.
The leading provider of market intelligence and squawk channels since 1999,’s sophisticated database of company action and street contacts allows broadcasters to analyze facts and voice potential opportunities immediately - setting apart from other services by providing unmatched speed and accuracy.’s dynamic streaming headlines offer breaking news, economic data and a wealth of other market information. The popular ‘Ask The Desk’ feature, enables subscribers to request on-demand research and instant feedback directly from analysts and broadcasters around the clock. Additionally, clients can create customizable portfolios with email delivery options.
Top Service and Platform Features
Global Equity Audio Channel
Hear breaking stock market intelligence and analysis broadcasted 24 hours a day.
Create Portfolios
Users can create ticker and key word portfolios with multiple delivery and viewing options.
View Text Headlines
Real-time streaming transcripts appear shortly after an audio broadcast.
Email Portfolio Alerts
Receive portfolio headlines delivered to an inbox or blackberry.
Fully Interactive Platform
Live access to’s global cross asset analyst team.
Scan Multiple Watch Windows
Create dedicated viewing windows for sectors, portfolios and key words.
Economic & Event Calendar
Economic events, earnings, conferences, shareholder meetings continuously updated by our events team.

Equity Audio Broadcasts Include

Analyst action and calls
Block trades
Earnings reports and announcements
Economic announcements
Federal reserve speeches
FDA decisions
Central Bank announcements
Geopolitical developments
Government actions
Industry and investor calls
Insider buying and selling
International issues
Investment community commentary
IPO openings
Key technical levels
Legal proceedings
Market rumors
Market updates
Media reports
Mergers and acquisitions
Mid-quarter updates
News articles
Non-financial events
Press releases
Secondary and debt offerings
Street chatter
Technical activity
Treasury auctions
and announcements
Unusual trading and much more!
Why Choose
Experience: Providing unmatched speed and accuracy for the international financial markets since 1998.
Depth of Coverage: Professional analysts broadcasting 24hrs for the American, European and Asian markets.
Diverse Platform Offerings: Audio, text headlines, calendars and ability to ask questions to analysts live through platform.
Unbiased: Completely independent - Unlike other services, is not backed by any trading firm.
Confidence: Extensive 10+ year proprietary databases that allow analysts to back check news instantly to prevent errors.
Exclusive: Extensive application process ensures the best of breed.
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